Plumbing Division


Plumbing Can be Dangerous (especially when near to electrical work), because of Electrical hazards and also Sewer gas hazards. At Masterpiece Repair & Design, we encourage you to use a professional in the field before doing any Plumbing work. If you have even a doubt…DON’T DO IT!

Plumbing is not for the inexperienced, there can be serious repercussions to not knowing. ATTENTION LANDLORDS: most cities, including the city of Rochester, New York, require a licensed plumber to work on properties that are not owner-occupied.

Masterpiece Repair & Design carries the insurances to perform plumbing and electrical work and has years of experience. I am a master plumber and electrician by trade and have decades of experience in working on fiber optics, cat 7+ lines, and alarm cables, all low voltage including 120v single, 240v live, 480v three phase and 277v transformers. Several jobs have included working with higher ratings as well.

We first ensure your water system is grounded, even if it is to the plastic pipes to the fixtures (which have at least some metal in them).

We Repair and Replace in coming waterlines, replace the curb valve to your property
Water Filtration Systems, so you have clean fresh water without the chlorine taste.
Replace the water main feed into your home or business,

Install and configure pressure reducers. If your home water system experiences blasts of water when faucets are turned on or water that weeps out of the faucets, this is a sign the water pressure that’s too high for the system. We can bring this into balance, which helps to avoid burst pipes and fittings and increases the longevity of your system.

Water pressure can also be too low. If you experience drops in water pressure while a family member is in the shower and another is washing dishes or flushing the toilet in another powder room, a booster pump can fix that. It’s a great way to be sure everyone has the water pressure they want and need, when they need it.

Do you need a water softener system installed or a low tech way to clean up the water coming into your home so you can benefit from clean water to drink and bath in without the chlorine smell and taste. Water softeners also help your laundry soap and kitchen dish washer soap go much farther, saving you time and money and (most importantly) your health.

If you’re property uses a well water system, we can make all the same improvements for pressure and softening. In the event that you’d like to convert to a public water system, Masterpiece can help you with that, also, if the county has water mains available in your area.

I can even get your water tested, for impurities, before and after.

Drainage Services Include:

  • New laterals for Sewer or fix the broken
  • Drain Conductors roof gutters
  • Driveway and parking lot run-off storm water
  • Replacing and cleaning old systems that may be filled with years of debris
  • Do you have sections of your yard that have standing water?  I can typically fix this through improved drainage system or we can create a new

Replacements or New

  • Garbage Disposal, Installs new or replace the tired existing.
  • Does your home or business have lack convenient shut off valves under sinks or tubs? You don’t have to shut down the whole home or business for one area, if these are installed correctly. We’d be happy to make it more convenient and useful for you and make it right.
  • New Toilet installations or Replacing. Is the tank or water supply line leaking? Is the thank constantly running and filling? Valve replacement is the routine service we perform for our customers to fix these situations. If your toilet leaking around the base we can address that too!
  • Faucet replacement or repair. For that leaky faucet in the kitchen, bath, shower, tub or laundry sink, We have the answer for you. Maybe you’re interested in a custom balanced shower & bath tub valve systems. These ensure your children are not Scalded!
  • Washing machine Hot & Cold Valve replacement or Washer Repair. NEW installations as Well.


  • Do you need a new gas or electric Clothes Washer or Dryer? YES, We can do that!
  • Dishwasher Hot water installations as well as hooking up the electrical and drain services.
  • Do you need hose Bibs (spigots) outside your home? Maybe your old one leaks? We can install one that not only shuts off properly but will not freeze and break during our cold winters?
  • We install Kitchen Refrigerator Ice Cube maker water hook ups and the filters for better tasting ice.
  • We can even do Custom cut vanity sinks,

Drywall, Durasan, Floor hardboard installation and dura-wall for bath areas. Are you short on closets and shelves?

We can build new closets into your home or bedrooms. We include shelves and install clothes-rods that will take the weight of all those clothes. We even install shoe racks.   Whether you want modular wire racking units or a custom installation, Masterpiece Repair & Design is here to help!

Window and door replacements, hydraulic door closures, Residential Commercial, balancer replacement.  We deal with the best, and make sure your money is spent well that will give you the best options.

Mirrors for the bathroom

Bathroom brightening

Masterpiece does all kinds of bathroom work. Fixture Replacement, Tub Controls, Shower, Sink, Tile work for Floor and Walls, Enclosures, Towel racks, Music Roll install, Glass enclosures or Sliding doors, New vanity, Custom cuts for the Sink and Fixture of your choice, New light Fixtures, GFIC (ground fault Interrupter Circuit) outlets

Vent and Heat lamp are a great addition. Both allow you to get the moisture out of the bathroom. By venting properly, the bathroom is protected against mold & mildew. And (let’s be honest) NO ONE wants to open that window in the bathroom is its 10° outside.

Believe it or not there is a way to make your hot water tank last almost forever.  ASK ME! Call and we can evaluate your system. Many people love the itea of a tankless-water heater. I do, too. But a tankless-system is not always the solution.

Back Flow Preventer
“RPZ”   Reduced Pressure Zone, for Back flow prevention,

In the event that you’re mixing chemicals for your lawn or flower-beds or have a dye in a vat of water with the hose in it or a flexible hose attached into a laundry sink of :

And down the road there is a fire or a water main busts, the pressure of the water main goes negative instead of positive pressure, the stuff you have in that sink with the flexible hose can get sucked right out into the water main which not only gets used for fires or a huge water feature that just appeared, but also our water we drink from, and as time goes by this will be required In the future more and more.

Replace your old Galvanized lines in your home or business with the newer Standard PEX lines.  I also install PEX Pressure Lines as well for new installations, homes and cottages. Yard hydrants, and can even set it up for gravity drain for end of the season for seasonal homes and cottages.

Problems with the water not going down the drain?

Let us look into that. Sometimes it’s a simple fix and other times this is caused by incorrect venting. Yes, a home and commercial water systems IS vented. Small drain unclogs to major Sewer backups, Power Rooters, clean the pipes for maximum drainage and keep the house dry where you want it dry.

Grinder pumps & Lift stations
Basement bathrooms, for wall hung sewer lines, or Homes or business that don’t have the grade to the sewer invents or are set back too far from the sewer lines to reach can create problems. Installing a grinder pump to move these materials away from your home and office and to the sewage lines that are meant for their removal is a science unto its self. YES, we can do that!

We also: Repair leach fields and install new ones; Work with the county and engineers to get you the best possible working system that is efficient and healthy; Backhoe work for replacing main Sewer lines old tile; Install Roding Cleanouts for homes; Install water lines and yard hydrants to barns and other ancillary buildings where needed.

Hot water heat, we have worked on hot water systems, as well and have installed. Floor heat that is smooth and comfortable

Gas Lines
Gas lines moved for a remodel or gas lines moved to an outside building for a heating source or would you need a gas line installed for new Gas Oven, Pool Heater, set it up right so you can use the extra for heating up your hot water medium domestic new gas fired clothes dryer? We do the venting as well, in your new or recently acquired, home or business.

Geothermal Heating
Start it out right when you build or Convert what you have now

Customized Solutions
Are you in need of a handicap-friendly solution to getting in and out of your current bath tub? Are shower doors a problem? Do you need more space to get into your bed and in need of grab bars to help you from falling?  Perhaps you need a wheel chair accessible shower stall.

YES, we can help with all of that!