Construction Division


A Warning for Weekend-Warriors! Construction can be hazardous to Your Health! According to OSHA, construction sites account for the second most common accidental injuries and loss of life.

Demolition & Construction
I perform professional Construction and Demolition. Common equipment involves Excavators, Skid Steers, and heavy equipment to minimize the risks of life and limb. Masterpieces Repair and Design is also fully insured to perform this scope of work.

Keeping the Space Clean
MOM! No job is complete without making sure it is clean as it was before we arrived. Maybe even better. I make sure it’s cleaned up before I’m done with the scope of the work, and before I bill you.

We can help you with:

  • Code Compliance for homeowners and Landlords
  • Handicapped compliant; Accessible ramps; Wood & concrete walk ways or foyers; Moving walls to account for space needed for wheel-chairs or other medical & health equipment; Stair climbers; Grab bars for the tub, shower, hall ways; Suspended trolley system.
  • We can meet and exceed your expectations!

Masterpiece Custom Sheds  
These are tailored for your needs. Unlike those flimsy metal sheds we’ve all seen in years past, these beautiful metal sheds are sturdy, rugged and designed in multiple configurations to meet your needs.

Standard features include:
Windows, Doors, Translucent Roof panels, Double Doors, Overhead doors, High Walls. Believe it or not, you CAN have your garage back and get all of those lawn tools, yard furniture and you lawn mower into a shed that’s both useful and attractive.

Call Masterpiece Repair and Design to see how we get all this done. You’ll be thrilled to have your car FIT back in your garage!

Additional shed features can include:
Gas, Electric, Water, and Sewer lines.

Are you looking for a simple carport or wood structure?
How about a ramp?
YES, We do all that!

Shed Foundation options include:
Pressure Treated Wood Floor, Concrete Slab, Pier Support, or Concrete Block, Metal Floor. Several of these have been installed for our customers who perform welding. Use of concrete and metal structures now provides a safe environment for their equipment use and alleviates the worry accidental fires in a garage.

If you have an existing shed or garage that doesn’t quite meet your needs? Let’s talk. In many cases these can be refitted to do what you want. Masterpiece Repair & Design can provide an estimate for either renovations or replacement.

Structural Repair
Is the home, garage or barn sagging? For buildings that have suffered damage due to water, moisture, insects, or other pests, I have fixed those as well and made them better than new.

We can build them with the traditional Pressure treated wood or the materials which carry a lifetime guaranty such as, Azek or CertainTeed.  We also do a host of repairs on existing decks such as: Board replacement, Reinforcements to decks that are a little tired and need some TLC.

Let’s discuss your needs. Masterpiece will probably ask some tough questions, unlike other in our industry.

Do you need new doors or maybe the existing ones just need that little attention. We can do that! Automatic Door Closures installed for home or commercial. We’ll examine the doors and recommend what to do based on your needs and their over all condition.  Window and door replacements, hydraulic door closures, Residential Commercial, balancer replacement.  We deal with the best, and make sure your money is spent well that will give you the best options.

We consider things like:

  • Are the doors energy efficient?
  • Are they closing properly and sealing out drafts.
  • Are the Sills sound or rotted?  Is the metal intact or damaged by years of salt and weather?

New or replacement windows are another considerations for beautifying your home. If existing windows or need a fix, we often repair rotted sashes or mullions and even replace balancers (used in older windows to lift the sashes). If its time to totally replace those old windows you can take advantage of energy credits from New York state! You’ll save on your monthly energy usage!

YES, We do all that!

Vinyl, Aluminum Trim, Cedar, Concrete board, Clapboards or Shingles.
We do new installations and repair work.

Power Washing
We also do power washing to clean the home and concrete walkways to brighten the home for your own enjoyment or to prepare it for showing and sale.
This is also an excellent means for removing graffiti.

Replacement Steps
We can build them new out of pressure treated wood, Azek, or make you precast steps and mount them in place. We often include the railings to meet both beauty and code guidelines, keeping your guests or parents and grand parents safe & sound. By the way, insurance companies are enforcing the need of railings for safety, so beware! Railings should be of a life time material. That can include: Wood, Steel, Stainless Steel, Structural Aluminum (with or without an outer vinyl or plastic material underneath), Even custom welded Steel Rails or Wrought Iron.

We even work with lighted steps, from above or highlight the steps themselves. These can be a styling and attractive addition to your office or home.

Whole Home or Business Renovations, let’s sit down and talk.

Framing and Trim
Door openings for single doors doubles, French, Headers, jack posts, cripples. We can frame a new opening or make a current doorway bigger or smaller to meet your needs.  When performing these services we customarily examine wall reinforcements and check to see if the builder really installed insulation. This is often overlooked and may be costing you a lot in lost heating in cooling energy!

Exterior Finish
Insulation Systems, Ceiling Crown Moldings, Chair rails, Base and Shoe moldings, Finish work, Doors, Windows, Stoops, Extension jambs, Stair built from scratch. YES, we doo all that and we deliver on our work while observing the building codes.

Are you short on closets and shelves?
We can build new closets into your home or bedrooms. We include shelves and install clothes-rods that will take the weight of all those clothes. We even install shoe racks.   Whether you want modular wire racking units or a custom installation, Masterpiece Repair & Design is here to help!


Masterpiece does all kinds of bathroom work. Fixture Replacement, Tub Controls, Shower, Sink, Tile work for Floor and Walls, Enclosures, Towel racks, Music Roll install, Glass enclosures or Sliding doors, New vanity, Custom cuts for the Sink and Fixture of your choice, New light Fixtures, GFIC (ground fault Interrupter Circuit) outlets

Vent and Heat lamp are a great addition. Both allow you to get the moisture out of the bathroom. By venting properly, the bathroom is protected against mold & mildew. And (let’s be honest) NO ONE wants to open that window in the bathroom when its 10° outside.

  • Installing new Mirrors
  • Brighten up the bathroom

Creating New Space in an old space,  Like installing a Major LAMB Beam 16’ – 25’ long to open up your area and conquer it!  Taking that small ancillary room and renovating so it makes the whole home or business appear that you now have more space. If you’re having issues with room expansions and a need to move existing supports and the wires, plumbing & mechanicals water lines, Gas Lines, Electrical Plenum ducts moved if needed. We can consult on your project.

We have done a lot of Asphalt and even Metals Roofs. With all my years of experience Residential, Capes, Mansards, Hip, Flat, roof build ups for Air Conditioning units and the structural reinforcements, cricks for obstacles and water shedding issues. Sites include residential, commercial and industrial. We have the know-how!

In many cases, a metal roof is the best option for a “lifetime installation”. When considering the costs, its less expensive than Asphalt and current technology offers many textures and styles for your consideration. Best of all it will be the last roof you will ever need, and it is more efficient for heating and cooling. You may even qualify for New York State tax credits!

We also power washing for roofs that have mold (often found on the North face) and also some natural chemicals to prevent the mold from coming back. Be advised, these methods only provide a temporary solution until you are ready to replace the roof.  I have the skills and experience to prolong a roof’s life span by treating the more problematic areas for mold and moss build up.

Awnings and Supports
Fabric, Metal, or Trellises, metal support columns and attachment to obstacles, to get you into your comfort zone for summer.

Home Insulation & Ventilation
Masterpiece can make your home or business more air tight while ensuring that it’s properly ventilated and more energy efficient. We can even add more insulation of various types depending on the need. Signs that a structure is not breathing correctly include: Long Ice cicles and Ice damming during the long winter months.

Adding an attic ventilation fan to keep the attic cool so that you’re Air Conditioning works well is a great step toward greater comfort and energy efficiency.

As a certified Master Electrician, I am well versed in making these openings in structures water tight. Thereby, making your home or business safer, more useful and energy efficient.

Pier Construction, for post construction, Trellises, awnings, aprons for garage or slabs for Sheds, Garages, reinforcement, Rod or Mesh, chairs, and Tie service as well, ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms, Symons form system, I have even installed the PEX heating tubing into the concrete for nice even heat, even in basements.

Concrete resurfacing, Garage, concrete all spalled from the winter salt, and want to make it look best to hold your party, or sell to brighten up, Basement, or the area of your walkway you wish to have a brick or wood finish, we are here.   We even have power washers to resurface the old like new again.

Basement Remodeling
Yes we can turn your basement into a second room or more rooms for hobbies, the kids play area or just a cooler place to go during the summer months. We excel at turning that dingy space into a bright and cheerful full time recreation area for your pool table, entertainment area and more.

Garage Make Overs
Whether its just mounting some racks to hang the yard equipment or make this space into your personal get away, we Install drywall and fire proof, Hang and wire lights so you can find items better or set it up for a TV viewing Room for Summer.

Garage Erection! Ours Stay Up, yes we can even build you a full size garage for your home attached or unattached

Pole Barns
If you want it bigger, we are here to meet your needs A custom selection of designs and materials to select from We can even install car lifts that will stack on one another. WOW!