Electrical Division

Electrical Services

WARNING! Electricity can be very dangerous.
Consult a professional before doing any electrical work. If you’re unsure or have a doubt regarding electrical work…Don’t do it! Stop immediately and contact a licensed professional electrician.

Risk of electrical shock: it only takes a second to Die, 6 milliamps across your heart can stop it, and even the best Die every day. Moving appliances and using poorly maintained electric hand tools can cause these kinds of shocks. Read this for an example of what electricity can do to your body. If you choose to proceed, be careful. Remember to turn off the breaker (POWER) first.

Masterpiece Repair & Design carries the insurances to perform electrical work and has years of experience. I am a master electrician by trade and have decades of experience in working on fiber optics, cat 7+ lines, and alarm cables, all low voltage including 120v single, 240v live, 480v three phase and 277v transformers. Several jobs have included working with higher ratings as well.

FYI: Yes, your water pipes may be charged? (Yes I work on plumbing as well.)
By definition, a “ground” is a non-current carrying load. While on a jobs, I have seen electricity long-arc while disconnecting water services. On examination, I discovered this was due to improper grounding.

When working with these electrical and plumbing systems, its important to know both the code (the rules) and why (the reason) it exists.

Our electrical services:

  • Fix the wall Switch that no longer turns on the light or overhead fan
  • Install or repair electrical outlets, fixtures, ceiling fans, lights
  • In older homes, replace old outlets with grounded outlets. This is ESPECIALLY important if you’re installing new devices like flat screen TVs and Microwave ovens, which draw a lot of power.
  • Install surge protectors for computers, printers and other electric devices. (A small price for ensure your new “toys” stay in good working order.)
  • Install and upgrade your electrical service for your home or business and move electric meter outside. (helps your power company perform live-meter reads when you are not home.)
  • Upgrade homes that have FEDERAL PACIFIC circuit-breaker panels. Your insurance company may require this. Home Buyers & Seller should ask about this.
  • Repair the source of this flickering lights
  • Security System wiring and installation
  • Wiring motors and pumps
  • If you’re remodeling by moving walls, I can move the wires to accommodate your project
  • LED LIGHTING installation. This can save you big bucks immediately. Wiring for your Home, Business and Parking lots represents a Huge Savings. In the event that homes and parking lots require relamping, installing highly efficient LED LIGHTS may carry state and federal incentives that can represent a big cash savings for you.
  • Install new GFIC (Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit) for Kitchen, Bathroom or whole House.
  • Install Arc Arrest Circuit for whole house
  • Baby-proof your outlets. Tamper-proof outlets are now required by code. (Have you seen what a baby can do with a paper clip?)

Electrical – Additional Services:

Masterpiece Repair and Design is your best choice because I come from a Structural Background. With experience in Structured Wiring, Cabling, and Electrical Services, I will ensure your new build or project is properly installed, grounded and protected against lighting strikes and other power surges.

Home TV Entertainment Center Mounting.
Theatre Room Circuit, for your new LED TV and Speakers. Mount it, bring power to it, protect it, and install internet Co-axial (cable TV) and Computer Cables. Add hard-wired or WIFI connections, Bring in the Cable feed as well.

Those special projects,
Attic Ventilation fan, Making you home more efficient for cooling during the hot summer. Install new Microwave or Convection oven including ducted or inducted installation, over the stove and typically below the cabinets.

  • Welder outlet
  • Sub panel for the garage or a new pool
  • Whole home or business Generator, transfer switch
  • Electric vehicle charger installed for residential or commercial
  • Conduit bent and installed for your project
  • Lighting arrestor system attached to your home barn?
  • Bathroom ventilation we install fans and venting. We repair these as well and can install timers, so you don’t have to think about coming back to turn off the light and fan.
  • Install new Clothes Dryer (Electric or Gas)
  • Lighting Timers for outside Commercial or Residential.

Telephone or Power, Pole

line Set, for electric telephone and cable, Fiber, or underground. We can even Trench in and do Conduit Placement, Ridged EMT, Schedule 20, 80, Light Poles, and Ballard’s, and wiring,  Electric or Fiber, Telephone, or Category Cabling, or TV Cable,Low voltage Projects include:

  • Telephone
  • Extra cable to the new addition or bedroom for the new LED TV, and or internet cable to the TV for Hulu, Netflix or other Smart hook ups for your heating unit, or garage door opener for your smart phone


Commercial sink automatic, faucet dispense, save resources and money with the kids not shutting off the faucets. Automatic toilet sensors to flush, install and service.

Speaker Systems for whole home business or PA’s or theatre

Wifi set up (with or without encryption)

Weather vane mounting it on the roof or pole