I can make new professional key or copy

I have the ability to pick open home door locks, and pad locks, desks locks, a lot of key locks Rekey, Master key, and Sub master key, with most national brands and some off brands.

For landlords that have multiple buildings, or a lot of doors on one property, set up a system that works best to mitigate the key clutter, by working with master keys, or think about a access control system.

Set up you home with a master or common key throughout, so you’re not messing with multiple keys

New homes, have locks set up by the builder and pass keys given to the workforce to get in and out. It’s a good idea to change locks or re key all the locks to a new key system

Gate Keys. I set up system of keys with “DO NOT DUPLACATE” or set up with a barrel lock. This step will make it harder for any would-be intruder to find someone who will duplicate your keys.

Hotel rekey or new systems.
Fix home door locks and create master key. Install new locks or dead bolts for better security. Add Panic Door Locks and hardware. In some cases installing new doors and sealing additions to them helps keep out unwanted bests like bees. I also have the ability to pick and set up barrel locks, for the most part buying one is much simpler than trying to pick them, or drill them out.

We install new card access for homes and business for security access control. These can be used for business and personal property management.

Lock Outs
I do perform home lock as well as other security work to make it harder for intruders to get into your property.  I do not WORK ON VEHICLE LOCKS.

I have knowledge of Security alarms.

New Services and reasonable monthly rates.

If your alarm system is not functioning properly, sometimes it just needs a little attention to diagnose the problem.

Renewing your current service? I maybe able to get you a better rate!

I Perform maintenance and troubleshooting

Alarms are for more than just for intruders

Having trouble with the system you purchased at Home Depot, Lowe’s or another big-box store? I amy be able to help you.

My Security System experience includes working for the US government, doing access control to ensure only authorized personal are able to enter a location. I have also worked for the installation division of ADT. These flexible security systems do more than simply detect, deter, delay and deny access. They can also alert you alert you for interruptions of heat or electricity service, failed sump pumps and detection of Carbon Monoxide and fire. Using current systems can even allow you to turn lights on and off, adjust the heating and cooling of your home, unlock doors as well as call for medical assistance.

Commercial fire alarms / CO or Carbon Monoxide Detectors all the equipment that has to go into the building(s) are driven by the code to the minimum standards to protect property life and limb.

Sprinkler Systems
Residential fire alarms / Smoke Detectors and CO or Carbon Monoxide Detectors

I’ve worked with video surveillance cameras, installing and maintaining them. While many people wish to use those ones on the market, I recommend those based on needs and budget as well as those of better quality. I do have access to better systems that will do a lot more from your smart phone.