Renovation Division


If you love your house but the infrastructure is NOT meeting your needs, we can turn it into your own masterpiece home! Changes and renovations like:


  • Moving or removing walls to create more space
  • Adding electrical outlets
  • Increasing insulation in the walls, ceiling and attic
  • Repair sagging floors
  • Repair or replace old windows that let in cold air
  • Replace the old fuse box or upgrade to Breakers
  • Repairing old and cracked plaster walls
  • Bathroom updates like replacing old galvanized drain lines, installing a new tub or converting an old tub to a beautiful new walk-in shower
  • Radiant heat floors
  • New water supply lines galvanized or old copper
  • Save money with a new high-efficiency furnace
  • Move your washer and dryer in the basement or to the first floor
  • Install shutoffs for the bathroom, kitchen or utility needs
  • Add or replace vinyl siding to give the home a crisp look
  • “Clean up” electrical services for a fresh look. In many cases these can now be installed underground for a very “clean look”

Among all the other things we do, Home and commercial Renovations are an all time favorite. I and my team renovated a big commercial property in the city of Rochester. This project took over a year and included tearing out out-dated Electrical, Heating Systems, Water, Phones, Drain lines, Cable as well as squaring and re-plumbing the walls and floors. Just to make things MORE interesting, this was a commercial store location and had to remain open for business while renovations were performed.

Its now 25 years later and I’m proud to say that the only item that’s required replacement is a small electric hot water heater. We took the care and time to perform great work so the job came together, beautifully. Meeting with the architect, planning the job and the execution, monitoring progress and finally – completion! Attention to detail is something we focus on at Masterpiece Repair & Design.

A whole house or home renovation is serious work. We meet with your architect in order to fulfill your wish list.

Age and water damage, prior to beginning of renovations.
Drywall and "mudding" stage
Renovations completed!