Your health is Everything !!!     There is a lot of old Dum technology of healing that was lost a long time Ago, “Really Not that long ago” when the White Coats moved in, or mostly when “Big Farma took over”.   The Human condition is one that wants to always thrive, unfortunately, the things that processors of our prepared foods and the processing to ensure uniform consistency and also against spoilage and logistical transportation, and shelf life, is wreaking our systems, and not to mention the GMO strains of food. and also the long term use of medications that will eat away at your kidneys and liver, that do the job of filtering our blood and cleaning out the toxins. And because of the proliferation of snacks and bad eating habits of a on the go society, we are dying faster. Its up to you to make good choices and eat more actively healthy, no one can do this for you !   look for the fresh foods, your not always going to eat perfect but you have to be conscious of it.

The FRESH FOODS, These are the ones that will keep you more healthy, the plants fruits veggies nuts, etc that are alive and fresh as possible to get the most out of the nutrients that will actually feed your body, your body also needs proteins, meats, poultry, pork,     any kind of bean also has and is full of a lot of proteins and nutrition.   Also most of us don’t even realize that once you heat up the food being fresh fruits, proteins, you automatically sacrifice at least ½ of the nutritional value out of the consumables.   Right there on the spot, just so you know!!!

No I am not a health nut, but you have to seek balance and moderation in what you eat and drink, just plain water is better for you, than all the pop, soda that I see in the grocery carts today, for what? your making the pop, soda company’s rich!!!  To kill you? Your choice again, I have a soda once and a while, no harm there.

What I list here, is some natural herbs and such, that do have results, some of these are not for everyone, there are processes the Manufactures use to package, that will change the true nature of the herb or vitamin, some of the manufactures will cold process the raw herbs vs. ones that will use hot processes, each has it pluses and minuses, the object is to be “Cured” vs taking something to take away the symptoms, which will reflect what is really going on inside. But nature does let you know all by the symptoms

Its up to you and, or your doctor to determine the “Real Cause and Cure it”

if you know of a good health site’s let me know I would be glad to post it so others can benefit as well, did you know doctors are not taught Nutrition, it is an elective in there education?

A note for all: in the very processing of vitamins or any kind of extracts, or herbs, you have to pay attention to the processing, of the how it was processed, there are subscriptions where they tell you how manufactures / processors, mill, grind, squeeze, cold, hot, powder, and its effects on the product, and effectiveness, it has afterword’s to its potency, all company’s that produce, will all have different processes.

Web MD reviews is a good place to start.

You also have to concern your self with the packaging for the vitamin, mineral with delivery method, liquids, powders, and capsules, that Will melt once in your stomach, as well. Some of the glyceride’s of the capsules can have some effect on some people as well by themselves  some people can have reactions to vitamins as well as prescription drugs, be careful when mixing different vitamins

Best to start small and see or feel how it affects your over all health and being.

You have to do your OWN Research to figure out what is best for you and your body.

Question Everything: Do you know who the board members on the FDA, ?   interesting not doctors???   more like heads of corporations that make crap for a living, to sell to you so you can then seek out a doctor for care for heart disease,   I can’t tell you how long the CEO of Coke a Cola had that seat !   ?   or does he still ?????

Heart Disease: kills more people in this Great Country than all of Isis

And all the wars combined, there should be a war on heart disease, don’t you think ?

We all know,   Don’t we!

Most important you have to do your own research

I have done my own research on the information I have, to disclose to you, but this means the information and its help for you, may not be for everyone,     Thanks

And also you have to remember your body can only absorb so much at a time, and only so much of a particular nutrient, the body only takes what it needs from what you ingest, the rest you will pee out or poop out. if you take more than one natural vitamin or supplement or herb stager them, take them at different times, don’t take them all at once and stager the routine as much as possible it keep your system moving or just do a little at a time and see how it affects your body chemistry,   Best advice !!!!


All of these systems can improve your health, But Do your research find something that works for “YOU” and live well you as well have to search out the side effects as well to see if it is right for you, small amounts work best at first.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

The old standard, Apple Cider Vinegar and typically one with what they call the MOTHER in it or the fines of the apple and Honey,   That’s it.   A teaspoon of each will do wonders for your system, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, once per day, preferably in the morning before breakfast

If you have kidney stones the vinegar will eat them and dissolve them and excrete them out through your urine, small amount like a tea spoon once a day. Or any fermented food are key to a healthy gut flora, and the vinegars will promote good health as well.

Tart Cherry Juice

Works well for people with a buildup of URIC ACID affecting the bones and joints usually called the Gout, typically helps the build up of the uric acid and inflammation of joints and bone swelling.

Cilantro: yes that’s right the garnish on your plate is great for flushing heavy metals out of your system, and cleaning your stomach and intestines.   And believe it or not the mining industry uses it to clean the mine shafts of heavy metal mining ?   WOW !

Lowers blood Pressure

Magnesium:   we need this we as humans lack this huge, Magnesium Chloride Best choice to get into your system or your can get the pills as well,   Great for you, small teaspoon Tastes terrible, under tong best for absorption  with below tea leaves

Olive Leaves, or Olive leaf Extract:   Steeped or ground up, pill, mixed with magnesium it lowers blood pressure as well,   my research, it works for me !!!   check it may not work for you,     do your research !!!!!

Another way to lower Blood Pressure


Coleus Forte M1202        In Combination with

Additional Therapies

  • Combine with Hawthorn tablets to help maintain normal blood pressure already within a normal range.
  • Combine with Gymnema tablets to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels when combined with a balanced diet.
  • Natural fat Burner

Is Gymnema the Future for Diabetes Treatment?

Hawthorn M1330 :               in combination with

Hawthorn is purported to help treat the following health problems:

The antioxidants in hawthorn are thought to boost heart health by strengthening blood vessels and stimulating blood flow. Keep in mind that scientific support for the potential benefits of hawthorn is limited.


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