Handicap Access

Handicap Access

The American Disabilities Act provides guidelines for clearances on walkways slopes, cross slopes railings, bathroom arrangements, installing shower stalls, foot testers for showers and stair climbers for commercial and residential locations.

Masterpiece Repair & Design has access to these New York State code books as well as experience in applying the codes to new projects in order to meet compliance. We successfully build and install ramps and other access-assisting devices to meet your needs all while making then compliant with code. In some cases, you may choose materials which can be removed after their need has passed. These needs often come into play when a loved-one is bound to a wheel-chair during recovery from an injury.

Masterpiece can see to it that ramps and other access devices are in-place and meet codes and still plan for removal of ramps, etc when they’re no longer needed.

Many PREXISTING structures in our area for Business and Home were built during the 40s – 70s. During that time, handicapped access was rarely a consideration. We have experience in addressing these spaces to bring them up to current standard needs:

  • Install accessible ramps
  • Widen doorways and landings to allow doe wheelchairs and walkers
  • Lift chairs (more often in residential properties)
  • Small elevators