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There is a new push to attempt to find the best provider of power Gas and Electric.

Because of the Energy Deregulation debacle, a lot of companies have been formed to capitalize on the market, in a nut shell this is what they do is buy up a (lot) or millions of units of energy be it gas or electric and do the American thing SELL it. Of course they are buying a lot and reselling back to you at a small profit, and multiply that by thousands that sign up for the service, and you can make profit on the margins and industry of it. And it is cheaper than the Local Humongous companies sell it for locally which is fine. And you will see a savings,

The one thing most people complain about is the gas and electric price keeps going up and down! NOT TRUE, GAS and Electric IS NOW CHEAPER THAN EVER, PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR. So what gives with the monthly undulations it’s the {TRANSMISSION CHARGES} they screw with them constantly, so it looks something like this, YOU GONNA PAY NO MATTER WHAT. The utility companies can be giving away the product.

But there still going to get their money no matter what, through the transportation through WIRES or GAS PIPES, and once again not for nothing, think about it, the means of Safe Transport of the energy no mater in what form it takes, it still cost money, of getting the product of gas from down south or where ever to your home the pipes I am talking about are about 5 – 6 feet in diameter and run about 1440 PSI and criss cross the state about 5,000 + miles worth, even though the pipes are there. There are personal that walk these lines in sections every day and make sure there are no leaks, and look for very specific indicators of leaks in addition to mechanical sniffers.   They still have to maintain them, cut out bad sections and replace as needed not your average hole in the ground, and by the way still maintain service, not to long ago there were crews in our Rochester area replacing the overhead transmission lines, and as well, areal inspections at least 3 times a year, very expensive air time for air plane or helicopter and of course flying very low to inspect them, and take either pictures or video, what do you think the company that fly’s the crew has to pay in insurance alone, for a bunch of low level dare devils with a toy in the sky that can be easily pushed into the power lines with a freak wind ?

How would you like to be the guy that lands on the charged lines and inspects and actually crawls on them, WOW ! that’s not your usual 9 – 5 job.   It all cost us no matter what. And no matter how bad you think it is, Europe’s customer pay’s, usually twice as much as we do on the other side of the pond.

I did find a company that vend its resale of the gas and electric which is not to bad considering all that is out there, they have a marketing scheme that works from person to person, and not for nothing is one of the fastest growing companies in the USA

Ambit Energy provides electricity and natural gas services in deregulated markets across the United States, primarily marketed through a direct sales channel of more than 250,000 Independent Consultants.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Ambit is focused on being the finest and most-respected retail energy provider in America, offering cost-effective choices for today’s energy consumer.

In 2010, Ambit was named #1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in America by Inc. magazine, and we continue to pick up steam as the fastest-growing company in the retail energy sector even today.

And this is fact, and if you wish to join you can on two different levels

One you sign up for the service and use the service for your home or business and b e happy with the savings.

or you become one of their authorized resellers of the product to sell to others, not only local but all around the states that are ok with the resale of the Ambit product, and you do get paid well, but you also have to produce to make the money they are talking about, I personally know one or two individuals that are Well over 100,000.00 per year, they get checks in the mail or are they auto deposited ?   I can’t remember but they do well, you have to pay a monthly fee to belong.

Attend meetings and market the product, and these individuals have done so, and even traveled to different parts of the country to talk the talk and start new relationships with friends and family, and strangers that wish to save on their energy bills they have to pay anyways. And if they can save a little that’s more for them to spend on themselves in other places.

I, myself opted to just use the service and enjoy the savings vs. going out and selling it, this works fine for me. If you wish to sign up and just use the service you can use this link, with no hoopla, you can sign up quietly under my ambit page, you will also receive one when all has been set up for you

And you many quietly encourage others to join as well or point them back here.

IN a nut shell this is how it works.

Ambit like a lot of other (ESCO’s) = Energy savings companies that are available to you are out there. I chose ambit because they Guarantee, you 2% savings minimum, and which I feel is better than no savings at all.

This is the thing, the gas and electric USAGE is one FEE And the TRANSMISSION FEE’S is another separate FEE. The price of gas and electric is quite low now, believe it or not ? And for the most part is a stable Rate all the Time.

Something you should know : The TRANSMISSION FEE which is separate fee and this various all the time. This is what makes your bill go up and down even if you use the same amount every month ?

If you decide to sign up ? Enrolling, you have to change your preference, when you go to the link, =

I have provided and indicate your new choice to save money. This is not an instant thing you will go through 1 or 2 cycles of billing, before your enrolled completely and your provider of Gas or Electric, aka RG&E= Rochester Gas & Electric, NG= National Grid, or NYSEG= New York STATE Electric & Gas, or the Provider in you Town or State will call you or send you a letter CONFIRMING your new choice, This is for your Protection that one of the ESCO’s is not SLAMING you to get your business without your knowledge.

You may get a Billing or two from your Provider and one from ambit between cycles because the billing is not completely taken over by the provider yet completely. You may see the provider has the TRANSMISSION charges on it only!!   You may also get a billing from Ambit which will have the USAGE charges on it Only.   Don’t Panic it will all soon come together totally transparent on the providers bill all together, when it does you will see the providers Charges and Ambit Charges at the top of the billing together, in the summery of charges and the ambit charges will be typically a lot lower.

Ambit is a multi level marketing company and spreads its savings through reps who sell the service that have to contribute through a one time set up fee of 425.00 or so and 26.00 or 38.00 per month to work your business, and if you succeed you will have to get quite a bit of more people in to your fold, and in turn they fetch at least another seven people in your down line, to either receive free gas & electric and make money, it is possible, and as well you will form new relationships and bonds with new people. But for myself, I enjoy the savings, and I can go about what I do, helping people in a different way, If you wish to look into this contact Me and I will put you InTouch with my support person, so you can build your own network of savings and monetary return. Or go to the bottom of the page for call numbers.

I recommend, Try the service first and see if you like it. If you really believe in it, I can get you to the next level of selling it and on your way to become more independent financially. Go to the bottom of the page for call numbers.

However be aware you can get “FREE ENERGY.” Ambit will pay the USAGE COSTS if you have enough clients on your ticket.   But you will ALWAYS will have to pay the TRANSMISSION COSTS. Always !

This is how it works, take your current RG&E bill or National Grid Bill, you will see in the Service section for Electricity a PoD ID ( Point of Delivery Identification ).   You will have typically another PoD ID for your Gas, and this could also be a totally separate billing for your area.   which stands for Point of Delivery which is your special # in there system which identifies you and your property and who the billing goes to, in some areas there is only Electric some business or houses use propane only or possibly only Electric or has a town that provides whole sale electric to the town residents which has already at a discount that the ESCO’s (ENERGY SAVINGS COMPANIES) cannot touch because it is far below what they can sell it for. But you may be able to capitalize on the Gas if it is provided in your municipality and reap some savings.

Participating suppliers have met certain requirements set forth by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), the New York Independent, System Operator (ISO, the group that operates the wholesale market) and NYSEG. Some suppliers may not. Serve customers in all geographic areas.

Like Spencerport Electric and Fairport Electric, IN NEW YORK because the Towns supply the villages with rates that ambit and others cannot touch because the villages wholesale contract with the main suppliers, and make the Small margin to the selected area. Notice, ELECTRIC, not the GAS portion, YOU CAN SAVE ON THE GAS medium.

To enroll with a supplier, AKA= Ambit,   Provide them with your Point of Delivery ID (PoD ID) found on the top of page of your bill. It’s there sometimes on another page.   Note: If you have both electricity and natural gas service, you will have a different PoD ID for each service. For a list of questions you may wish to ask ESCOs prior to enrollment. Ambits # is (877) 282-6248 Monday – Friday 08:00 Am – 8:00 PM Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 Pm

Or Call me if you have questions, at 585-233-1387. Mark C. Hedrick. It’s the same billing once everything is all combined, minus the 2% minimum, I have seen saving of a lot more than the 2% on my billing personally, Ambit will make right on it, I have personally been sent checks for the difference, once again the 2% minimum savings Guaranteed.

if you are interested in joining Ambit Professionally and see what it is all about you can call, and get your savings and make money.         Home page AMBIT

Mr. Dave Bisnett:   585-738-8055


Mr. Vince Alonci:   585-750-5157