Stuctured Wiring

Structured wiring is the pulling of wires that carry the internet to places in the home or business, these cables are usually referred to as CATEGORY CABLE, as an example Telephone wire is a CATEGORY 3 WIRE, for modern day computers for home a CATEGORY 5 or 6, is more that plenty for the band width, as for Offices we are up to now are presently up as to CAT 7 or 7e, or ENHANCED Wire, which allow the information to travel about 5/8 the speed of light into the GiGA Hertz Range


Why ? Because 1st of all if the fire is on one side of the building the Alarm Signal has a chance to reach the Monitoring Company if one line is Disabled by the Fire.

Also in Signal Wiring if a company wires in smoke or fire detectors to a Intruder alarm system, they have to by code use Fire Rated Wire for the POWER SUPPLY WIRE, THE DETECTORS THEY WIRED IN, AND THE KEY PAD THAT JUST BECAME A PULL STATION. Code NYS

Why can’t I use a internet connection for a fire system or a cell phone for a fire system ?

Let’s look at this from a different perspective, when the power goes out, the only typical thing that has power in the home is the TELEPHONE it has a dial tone !

If the power goes out what are the chance that the internet is going to function if the MODUM is plugged in to the WALL SOCKET ?

A WIRELESS CELL OR RADIO WITH BATTERY CAN BE A EXCELLENT CHOICE AS WELL, and accepted as a alternative means of communication.

Of course the AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION WILL HAVE THE FINAL SAY.   Typically the Fire Marshall or Inspector.

What we can do with, For YOU !

  • Check for Dial Tones, Polarity, Ring & Tip, Demark, Grounding
  • Check the Wiring Patterns for completeness, and wired right.
  • Install lightning Arrestors. MOV’s
  • Telephone line not working correctly or does not always have a dial tone, we can fix that.



  • Wi-Fi, and WAP configurations via Ethernet lines.
  • Outside phone jacks to Patio, Deck, Bathroom, Rooms, Basements, to alarm panels, and fire panels. Coordinate with Phone Company for hook ups.
  • Ethernet
  • Ethernet Jacks and Plug Terminations
  • Telephone Wires and jacks
  • Telephone Trace Back, Jack and Plug Terminations, for a phone near you.
  • Cable Wires “ Coaxial”
  • Coaxial Terminations, is your line Twisted and Bad, We can install new ends
  • Video Siamese Wire and End Terminations
  • Video Wire Terminations
  • Satellite Wire Siamese
  • Satellite Wire Terminations
  • Flooded Cable for Underground Service
  • Over Head Lines as Well
  • Fiber Optic Cable and Terminations, BX, etc.
  • Fiber Optic Terminations
  • Or Combinations of Cables for Office and Home Support
  • We also do Routers, Switches, Modems, WiFi and Entrance Installations
  • 50 Pair Lines Telephone,
  • 100 Pair Lines and up Terminations M66,M33 Block Outside line
  • 8 Conductor Ethernet Terminations to Ethernet Jack or Wall plate.
  • Special Projects, Hook ups,
  • Running your wires through the Office or Home
  • Wire Trays or Channels, Typically Offices or Cubicles
  • Wire Drops or Terminations jacks on Wall Typically Wall Jack
  • Alarm Wiring, Smoke Alarm Wiring


I have worked on:

  • Secure-system Government wiring
  • Phone Manufactures
  • Regular POTS = Plain Old Telephone Service
  • VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • Large Business
  • Residential
  • Fiber Optic Company, Large build out on poles and terminations
  • Satellite Work and Communications, as well
  • Under Ground Large build outs, thousands of miles of fiber as well place underground.



Standard (High Intensity Discharge) LED   =     Light Emitting Diode
·  Wasted Light spreads in almost every direction ·  Light spread is limited to direction of diode lens No reflectors req.
·  Light Pollution ·  Fits Green initiatives with minimal light loss factors
·  More Visual Complaints ·  Increased control
·  Wasted Energy equals lost money Less energy to operate equals lower utility bills
·  Early replacement due to burn-out ·  Units produce less heat than conventional bulbs. Longer life-span mean fewer replacement needs and lower maintenance costs